You think your ready, you think you’ve got all of the necessary equipment, the right lens, your subject is there and waiting to be captured, the lighting is flawless… but there are a multitude of other factors that many people forget about when in the moment. So you take the shot, and something is wrong, its blurry, under/overexposed, etc.. and you think to yourself, why? Next time, always keep the following in back of your mind:

  • Only Darkness. The Lens cap – Yes, this is huge for everyone; of course you realize it’s on once you take a peek through the view finder, but from the time you notice your subject to the time you take the lens cap off is valuable time, and by the time it’s off, you may have lost the ideal opportunity.
  • Over/Underexposed? The Exposure Compensation You think everything is just right, the lighting, the composition, so you then take the photograph, but while reviewing it in the LCD, it doesn’t look like how you thought it would, even though you swore you had everything right. Many times, you have probably forgotten to reset the exposure compensation.
  • The Twitchy hands – This would have to be even more common than the lens cap being on, and the worst part is, many photographers don’t even know its their own hands that are the culprit. With most people, when they press the shutter, their whole hand tends to push the camera off of where it was originaly framed, some deviate moreso than others. Clearly, the longer the exposure time, the more prone your hands are to blur the image. Taking a breath and being in a comfortable position can help, a tripod is even better though.
  • Grain?! The ISO – Much like forgetting to reset the exposure compensation, just as many people forget about checking the ISO. For example if you were shooting in a dark setting the night before, and the next day you’re in a well lit scene, this should be the number one tweek you should remember.
  • Where’s my ____ ? Forgetting Gear – The avid photographer may have various gear, things like lenses, tripods, lighting equipment, etc. Specifically with lenses, it’s very easy to forget the only one that you actually need for. Be sure to predict the scene(s) you will run into throughout the day, so you can be prepared.
  • …Its Dead. The Battery – If this list was in order, this would definately be number one, if not close to the top. Always, always, and always check the battery life before you head out. Either check the life early, incase you need to have it charged, or always have a back up battery that is fully charged.

The Nikon D60

June 19, 2009

The Nikon D60 is a perfect DSLR for the entry level photographer, it shares a lot of the same features as the D40, but with a few bonuses, and for not that much more in price. The D60 is compact, easy enough to use for a begeinning photgrapher, but has quite an amount of customizability for more demanding consumers as well.

Top, front, and rear profiles

Top, front, and rear profiles

It is a 10.2 mega pixel, and the lens that I recieved with it was the 18 – 55mm; for a kit lens, it does its job fairly well, however a kit lens has only so much potential. The D60 to me is a very well balanced camera, moveing up from a Fuji Finepix s5200, this was a huge step up for me. By balanced I mean both functionaly and physically, you can easily hold the camera one handed at times without getting tired, plus all of the toggles and buttons on the D60 are easily accessible, so you’re not fiddling with it while shooting. With a 2.5″ LCD you can preview your images very easily, not to mention you’re able to zoom into your images for a more closer look. The D60 powers on/off within a second or two, and also has a split second shutter response time. One other aspect of the camera I loved is that it has a multitude of image adjustment options ranging from Vivid to black and white, plus many more.

The D60 has dropped in price since the time when I purchased it, so I would recommend it even more so now. If you’re a professional, this would make for a fantastic back up camera, but for the leasure photographer that wants the customizability of a DSLR, the D60 is perfect.

Keep an eye out for my review on the  Nikkor 52mm f1.8 Series E lens.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Creative Cow and Video Copilot are perhaps the gold mine when it comes to video editing tips and tricks, editing suite packages and plugins. Eight year old Creative Cow is a progressive new media haven, with roots digging as far back as 1995, when a couple embarks on the creation of the WWUG (Worldwide Users Group) website. Video Copilot “guy” Andrew Kramer spends his whitty humour and desires for sweet n’ sour pork throughout unbeatable video tutorials showing you exactly where and what to do in order to “amplify” your motion graphics and visual effects skills. Adobe After Effects is a sophisticated program and following through a manual doesn’t exactly allow you to jump in, but using the video tutorials found on these websites gives you the opportunity to work along side the pro, and learn the craft all the while – almost like virtual apprenticeship. You have the chance to learn simple transition effects, or compositing, keying techniques – and these guys aren’t running out of things to show you.

Video and Multimedia Discussion and Creation

Video and Multimedia Discussion and Creation

What is thought to be the succesor of the famouse F430 was spotted in Germany sporting a variety of aesthetic changes. Reports indicate that the new model will be equiped with a larger 4.5L V8 motor, hence ‘F450’. From the spy shots it was seen that the F450 has a longer wheel base, central exhaust outlet, as well as larger air inlets at either side of the machine.

Notice the more integrated diffuser and centered exhaust outlet.

Note the more integrated diffuser and centered exhaust outlet.

It is expected to boast a between a 550hp and 585hp powerplant, more than ample 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and very possibly some sort of brake energy recovery system. The F450 will has also been engineered with a wider track, for both the front and rear end of the car, plus the addition of two more intake behind the rear windshield. On a side nore, Ferrari has mentioned that they are looking for other avenues of of developement, includeing hybrid and turbo charging technologies, as well as lighter methods of construction and improvements in aerodynamics.

The concept is scheduled for debut in 2010, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Hello world!

June 9, 2009

The very first post on the CTRLSPC blog, soon we will be updateing with rich content on the media, auto and gaming lifestyle!

Kojima at E3 recently made the announcement that everyone has been waiting for, that there will in face be an MGS5, entitled Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The Kojima special web site has been updated with minimal information, and a very short teaster trailer of the 5th installment of the highly appraised series. It was also mentioned that the new installment will not be a Playstation 3 exclusive.

Also anounced is the missing link in the series that follows the original Big Boss; entitled MGS: Peace Walker, the game talkes place 10 years (1970’s) after MGS3: Snake eater, and is meant to fill in the gaps between MGS3 and MGS1.

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