My Personal, and Realistic Dream, the Lotus Exige

December 22, 2009

Everyones got that dream car in mind, that one car they wish to someday have. Unfortunately for myself, I’m no different, except I decided to make mine realistic, this way I wont be disappointed when I’m 60. And yes, I may even sell my precious BB1 for it ! Take in the beauty:

Keep in mind that this is not in anyway a super car. Not that I dislike super cars, I would love to own one, but those beasts are way out of my league, and we all know that only the elite will be able to own one. The reason I’ve been so fixated on the Exige is purely because of the power/weight ratio. The interior is very minimal, only the bare essentials exist in exchange for weight savings. IE: Only the driver side has an electric window, the passenger side is roll down only. Extreme? Not at all. I mean how else could Lotus keep the cars weight to about 2000lbs?

The Exige comes in four trims, but I’ll be focusing on the s240 version, which is the second to last top model. The difference between the s240 and 260 (top level) is a difference of 17HP, but a difference in price of about $10,000. The s240 is powered by a supercharged DOHC motor pushing out 240HP. Sure it doesn’t sound like much, but keep in mind this is not a normal weighted vehicle, this is why the 0-60 was clocked at 4 SECONDS !!! Aside from all this, I would imagine the machine handles like a go-kart, which is exactly what I fiend for.

And to top it all off, the list price for the s240 is a mere $65,000. I’ve told many people about this machine, and most think I’m crazy to spend this amount on something so bare when there are so many other options, but to each their own. This is purely a driving machine; there are no luxuries in this car, so if you’re looking for a comfy, noiseless ride, go to Lexus, or BMW. The Exige is meant for another breed of enthusiast.

Here’s a list from Lotus with all of the other specifications:

· Lotus Designed Lightweight Structure of Epoxy Bonded Aluminum Extrusions
· Integral Steel Seatbelt Support Structure and Lightweight Steel Rear Sub-Frame
· Composite Fiberglass Body
· LED Taillights with Integral Reflectors
· Daytime Running Lights
· Rear Diffuser
· Aerodynamic Bodywork for Increased Downforce Includes: Front Splitter, Sculpted Roof, Rear Wing, Diffuser and Side Air Intakes
· Body-Color Front Splitter, Side Scoops, and Rear Wing
· Black Mesh Front Brake Ducts, Radiator Outlet and Engine Bay Outlets
· Solid Paint – Ardent Red or British Racing Green
· Fully Independent Suspension with Unequal Length Wishbones
· Bilstein Mono-Tube Gas Damper, Eibach Coaxial Coil Spring
· Front Anti-Sway Bar
· 7 Twin-Spoke Forged Alloy Wheels in Matte Black
· Front Wheels/6J x 16 – 195/50R16
· Rear Wheels/7.5J x 17 – 225/45R17
· Yokohama Advan Neova A048 LTS Ultra Performance Tires
· 4-Wheel Ventilated/Cross-Dilled Disc Brakes
· Lotus/AP Racing & Brembo Calipers with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
· Sport Seats – Black Cloth with ProBax™ Anatomical Padding
· Air Conditioning, Starter Button, Tinted Glass and Carpet Foot Mats
· Airbags – Driver and Passenger (Passenger Airbag Cannot Be Deactivated)
· Factory Anti-Theft Alarm System with Engine Immobilizer and Remote Locking
· Aluminum Trim – Gear Knob and Handbrake Sleeve
· Interior Tailgate Release
· Leather-Trimmed Momo Steering Wheel
· Alpine 4-Speaker Stereo with In-Dash CD Player
· Intermittent Windshield Wiper

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