This is the third tip in our installment of photography tips. How do you hold a camera? With your hands right? Yea it sounds simple, but if you want nice, crisp images by reducing camera shake there are a few things you must keep in mind, specifically in lower light conditions.

  • Normally, your right hand should be on the handle and trigger of the camera, and your left should be underneath supporting the weight and keeping it straight relative to your subject. Depending on the size of your lens, your left hand may either be under the body, or the lens, whichever suites you.
  • This second portion is what many people miss. Your arms should be tucked into your body. This provides support for the camera, this is the main idea behind reducing camera shake,.
  • You will most probably want your head forward, and pressed against the viewfinder; this adds another layer of stability.
  • Moving down your body, your feet should be about shoulder width apart. If you’re feet are stuck together, you may sway.
  • Lastly, if possible, try to lean on something. This is not always an option, but if it is, use whatever surface you can for any extra stability.

These are some really basic tips, but can greatly improve your photographic prowess! Happy shooting.


The 365 day Project

January 12, 2010

I’ve never stuck to anew years resolution, so this year I decided to take at least one picture every day of the year. I figured this would be fantastic for growth, as well as creativity! It’s only been 11 days, and I’ve already started running out of ideas, but I’ve promised myself I would finish this!!

I’ll try to post every month with updates.