Enabling external subtitle files to Stream to PS3

June 17, 2010

The Playstation 3 has many capabilities, and one of the most useful and functional aspects is that you can use it as a media server on your home network. This is a great feature since you can store movies,  music, and images on a computer, or external hard drive, and at the same time experience any of those file types through your Playstation, to your home theater setup.

The one issue that I noticed, specifically video files, is that with certain ones, the subtitles will not show. The reason for this is because the Playstation only reads the video file, and not other files in the same directory, such as an .SRT file (a common file type used for storing subtitle data). Luckily, wonders of the internet have led me to a solution for this! Certain movie files have the subtitles encoded within them, however in cases where the subtitles are contained in a separate file the solution is quick and simple.

All that needs to be done is for the video file to be re-encoded with the subtitles. There are a multitude of software that will do this, however the simplest and most efficient one that I have noticed is AVI add Subs. The software has plenty of customization when it comes to the way subtitles show, however the actual conversion process normally takes under 2 minutes.

Happy streaming !


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