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December 26, 2010

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If Apple’s iPhoto seems to take over your photo collection and organize it in such a way that takes up three times more space on your hard-disk than it has to, or if you simply have a whole lot of photographs on your computer still in their DCIM folders in no order whatsoever, then Exiftool is for you.

Exiftool by Phil Harvey

Exiftool Screenshot

Exiftool is an command-line (AKA command prompt) basedapplication that allows one to read, write, and edit meta information stored in the EXIF data of every image. EXIF data can retain every single piece of information about a photograph taken with a digital camera including date, time, lens, focal length, shutter speed, ISO rating, camera name, camera owner name, last edit date, and much more.

My favourite use for this program would have to be its ability to automate a folder of images into new folders determined and labeled by date, or to automate different labels for each image file by date, or what-have-you. Depending on one’s knowledge of command-line environments like Terminal the options are virtually endless.

In fact, Exiftool does much more than help you organize your photographs, and there are probably a ton of features that I don’t even know about just yet. The fact remains, this application is robust with features and is pure gold for anyone trying to manage their photographs and for anyone who wants to edit, write, and read meta information.

A simple, command-line based application, Exiftool is a little difficult to jump into, or rather, it can be. Command-line interfaces are never the most accessable, but for photographers that don’t mind learning a little bit, the Exiftool webpage is actually a tremendous resource.

Installation on Mac OS X is as simple as most programs, but running it is a little different in that you must open a Terminal window and find the directory that contains your photographs, and then implement Exiftool using the commands found at the Exiftool webpage. Getting into all of the commands within this post would surely make this very lengthy so I recommend you visit Phil Harvey’s Exiftool webpage and take your time going through the various sections so that you can get a good understanding of how it is implemented.

While I don’t own a PC, the installation instructions for PC are straight forward, yet they could be a little unfamiliar to those used to just double-clicking an install file. Again, with this it is very important to take your time and read what’s relevant to your platform (be it PC or Mac).

If you are absolutely clueless about command line interfaces and are on a Mac using OS X then check this link to learn more. If PC is your platform and you are also in need of some command-line information then check this link to learn more on that.

In scoring this program for a rating, I have docked .2 simply because there is no GUI (graphical user interface) which would really make this program accessible to everyone. Still, for an open source power house of an application, no GUI and all this ability is okay by me.

Reviews: Exiftool by Phil Harvey – 4.8/5
WebpageOS X DownloadPC Download

I, like many who like to take photographs, am addicted to Flickr. I love it. I want it near me always. I want to bask in the billions of amazing photographs and in the short, segmented dialogue offered by a “Post a Comment” field. I love being able to look through groups so I can find a specific kind of image, I love being able to wade through hundreds of photographs at the slide of my thumb without any end!

Sadly a lot of that is missing in the Flickr app for the iPhone. You can access a meager three of the many different components of the actual Flickr webpage, and while this may be a ploy to get us to our desktop for the regular Flickr webpage, it may also limit the more serious Flickr user from components he or she could use on the webpage.

iPhone Flickr App > Recent Activity screen

On the webpage we find the ability to upload images. The app also has this functionality. The Flickr webpage allows you to browse images, groups, images by groups, and to add your photos to sets and collections of your own, view Favorited images and Gallery images, and gives you the ability to submit your images to groups. The Flickr app lets you view Favorited images, your own and your contacts’ photostream and sets, but lacks the Gallery images, collections, and group submissions.

This app delivers but is similar to having a fully functioning body when you’re at home, and having a less functioning body when you’re out and about. It simply is lacking some components that may easily be overlooked by the less anal consumer, but that have been noticed in my observation. I love Flickr, I love the iPhone, but I also love robustness and the Flickr app is not exactly a specimen of robust iPhone app development.

Although you may expect a really low rating given my post, I believe I’ve given the app a decent grade in that I simply docked .8 for lack of robust features that would appeal greatly to Flickr’s user-base, and I’ve kept the rating above 4 because the app does deliver with the features it does have.

App Reviews: Flickr – 4.2/5

iPhone camera > Mill Colour > Looks > Cross processed

The Mill has always been known for amazing visual-effects and the iPhone is fortunate enough to have a free app out there for professional grade colour timing in a “touch and slide,” iPhone-way.

Setting out to help you turn any image, imported, or taken with the iPhone’s built-in camera, Mill Colour  does exactly what it says it will. Importing a photo is a simple tap and touch process, the functionality and accessibility of the interface clearly considered, while still looking the part of a slick imaging app. Additional controls would have been great, and of course that would mean a bigger, perhaps less user friendly app, but with what the app does allow you to do, it is a great, great app. That said, nobody should be holding their breath for any Photoshop-esque app to show up; not a free one at least.

Once you’ve brought an image into Mill Colour, you are given two different things to manipulate: the colour controls, and the looks. The looks refers to all the popular processing techniques and colour timing combinations including a cross-processed look, an instant camera effect, and bleach bypass. Once your image is loaded into the Looks interface, you slide through the different processing effects and save the settings when you feel you’re happy with the result. No problem there. You can also use the colour controls interface to enhance or decrease saturation, lift, and gamma, in red, green, and blue channels.

Concise controls and ease of use really give this app, which is free, a big thumbs up. The app does what it says it will and once you’ve downloaded it, you simply won’t look back. I’m going to have to dock .2 simply because it would have been nice to have a bit more control over the different colour timing effects found in the Looks interface of the app, but other than that, a top pick, and a strongly recommended app for all who are interested.

App Reviews: Mill Colour for the iPhone – 4.8/5

Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2009

I hope you all get what you asked for, personally I dont celebrate anything, but like to splurge this time of year.. hunting for a new lens! Just wanted to say Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah to everyone !

Stormtrooper also says Happy Holidays !

Stormtrooper also says Happy Holidays !

Everyones got that dream car in mind, that one car they wish to someday have. Unfortunately for myself, I’m no different, except I decided to make mine realistic, this way I wont be disappointed when I’m 60. And yes, I may even sell my precious BB1 for it ! Take in the beauty:

Keep in mind that this is not in anyway a super car. Not that I dislike super cars, I would love to own one, but those beasts are way out of my league, and we all know that only the elite will be able to own one. The reason I’ve been so fixated on the Exige is purely because of the power/weight ratio. The interior is very minimal, only the bare essentials exist in exchange for weight savings. IE: Only the driver side has an electric window, the passenger side is roll down only. Extreme? Not at all. I mean how else could Lotus keep the cars weight to about 2000lbs?

The Exige comes in four trims, but I’ll be focusing on the s240 version, which is the second to last top model. The difference between the s240 and 260 (top level) is a difference of 17HP, but a difference in price of about $10,000. The s240 is powered by a supercharged DOHC motor pushing out 240HP. Sure it doesn’t sound like much, but keep in mind this is not a normal weighted vehicle, this is why the 0-60 was clocked at 4 SECONDS !!! Aside from all this, I would imagine the machine handles like a go-kart, which is exactly what I fiend for.

And to top it all off, the list price for the s240 is a mere $65,000. I’ve told many people about this machine, and most think I’m crazy to spend this amount on something so bare when there are so many other options, but to each their own. This is purely a driving machine; there are no luxuries in this car, so if you’re looking for a comfy, noiseless ride, go to Lexus, or BMW. The Exige is meant for another breed of enthusiast.

Here’s a list from Lotus with all of the other specifications:

· Lotus Designed Lightweight Structure of Epoxy Bonded Aluminum Extrusions
· Integral Steel Seatbelt Support Structure and Lightweight Steel Rear Sub-Frame
· Composite Fiberglass Body
· LED Taillights with Integral Reflectors
· Daytime Running Lights
· Rear Diffuser
· Aerodynamic Bodywork for Increased Downforce Includes: Front Splitter, Sculpted Roof, Rear Wing, Diffuser and Side Air Intakes
· Body-Color Front Splitter, Side Scoops, and Rear Wing
· Black Mesh Front Brake Ducts, Radiator Outlet and Engine Bay Outlets
· Solid Paint – Ardent Red or British Racing Green
· Fully Independent Suspension with Unequal Length Wishbones
· Bilstein Mono-Tube Gas Damper, Eibach Coaxial Coil Spring
· Front Anti-Sway Bar
· 7 Twin-Spoke Forged Alloy Wheels in Matte Black
· Front Wheels/6J x 16 – 195/50R16
· Rear Wheels/7.5J x 17 – 225/45R17
· Yokohama Advan Neova A048 LTS Ultra Performance Tires
· 4-Wheel Ventilated/Cross-Dilled Disc Brakes
· Lotus/AP Racing & Brembo Calipers with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
· Sport Seats – Black Cloth with ProBax™ Anatomical Padding
· Air Conditioning, Starter Button, Tinted Glass and Carpet Foot Mats
· Airbags – Driver and Passenger (Passenger Airbag Cannot Be Deactivated)
· Factory Anti-Theft Alarm System with Engine Immobilizer and Remote Locking
· Aluminum Trim – Gear Knob and Handbrake Sleeve
· Interior Tailgate Release
· Leather-Trimmed Momo Steering Wheel
· Alpine 4-Speaker Stereo with In-Dash CD Player
· Intermittent Windshield Wiper

What is thought to be the succesor of the famouse F430 was spotted in Germany sporting a variety of aesthetic changes. Reports indicate that the new model will be equiped with a larger 4.5L V8 motor, hence ‘F450’. From the spy shots it was seen that the F450 has a longer wheel base, central exhaust outlet, as well as larger air inlets at either side of the machine.

Notice the more integrated diffuser and centered exhaust outlet.

Note the more integrated diffuser and centered exhaust outlet.

It is expected to boast a between a 550hp and 585hp powerplant, more than ample 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and very possibly some sort of brake energy recovery system. The F450 will has also been engineered with a wider track, for both the front and rear end of the car, plus the addition of two more intake behind the rear windshield. On a side nore, Ferrari has mentioned that they are looking for other avenues of of developement, includeing hybrid and turbo charging technologies, as well as lighter methods of construction and improvements in aerodynamics.

The concept is scheduled for debut in 2010, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Hello world!

June 9, 2009

The very first post on the CTRLSPC blog, soon we will be updateing with rich content on the media, auto and gaming lifestyle!

Kojima at E3 recently made the announcement that everyone has been waiting for, that there will in face be an MGS5, entitled Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The Kojima special web site has been updated with minimal information, and a very short teaster trailer of the 5th installment of the highly appraised series. It was also mentioned that the new installment will not be a Playstation 3 exclusive.

Also anounced is the missing link in the series that follows the original Big Boss; entitled MGS: Peace Walker, the game talkes place 10 years (1970’s) after MGS3: Snake eater, and is meant to fill in the gaps between MGS3 and MGS1.

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