GoPro Camera: First glance

September 17, 2010

Two posts ago I was raving about the GoPro compact video camera.. and well, I finally got my hands on one! I hav’nt had a chance to actually use it for any projects but did take some test captures. Its main use is its HD video, but it can also function as a camera as well. The captures it puts out are very impressive for a gadget this size.

A friend of mine tinkering with the GoPro. Notice the extremely wide field of view!

The tiny and functional GoPro in its water-tight casing.

Once I figure out how to properly use Sony Vegas (Video editing software) I’ll post up a nice HD video as well.


I can’t really say this is a review, hopefully soon I will be able to, since I’m that close to purchasing one of these.

So much awesome, in such a small package.

The GoPro Camera - So much awesome, in such a small package.

A friend introduced me to this thing, and after seeing the footage it captures, I was sold. Not only does it take photo and video, but it also has the capability to mount on almost anyone, or any surface, which makes it ideal for all types of activities. If you’re not already sold, let me do a quick run through of the features:

  • It’s shockproof
  • Waterproof
  • 1080, 960, or 720 p
  • Full 30 – 60 frames per second
  • Its smaller, and lighter than most wallets
  • Mounts on almost anything

The only downfall is that there is no viewfinder, or LCD to preview what you’re shooting, however it does have a more than ample 180 degree viewing range, which really voids the fact that there is no view finder/LCD. You’re able to either purchase the camera by itself, or you can also get it with various mounts, either way you will be spending less than $300.00 for a super versatile gadget that will let you capture anything really.

If you search youtube and type in ‘ gopro ‘ you’ll have plenty of results to see what it can do.

Mar.22.2010 HBM! Desaturated Neon-chucks Edition

Originally uploaded by seansharifi <aka essquared>

I’m sure this has been discovered before however I found it to be a very effective method for when you still want some color, but not the dramatic look of full black and white.

Many post-processing programs have a number of ways to convert a capture into BW, however I will describe it in the most generic way possible. I use Capture NX myself, which is an amazing program by the way, and it has three ways, the best being the method that gives you the most control of course.

1. Apply a black/white filter or conversion process
2. In most cases, ramp up the contrast all the way
3. Use a Lighten filter in conjunction with the black and white process
4. If you have these options, ramp up the filter color slider, and play around with the color slider until you find a result you’re contempt with.

The Nikon D60

June 19, 2009

The Nikon D60 is a perfect DSLR for the entry level photographer, it shares a lot of the same features as the D40, but with a few bonuses, and for not that much more in price. The D60 is compact, easy enough to use for a begeinning photgrapher, but has quite an amount of customizability for more demanding consumers as well.

Top, front, and rear profiles

Top, front, and rear profiles

It is a 10.2 mega pixel, and the lens that I recieved with it was the 18 – 55mm; for a kit lens, it does its job fairly well, however a kit lens has only so much potential. The D60 to me is a very well balanced camera, moveing up from a Fuji Finepix s5200, this was a huge step up for me. By balanced I mean both functionaly and physically, you can easily hold the camera one handed at times without getting tired, plus all of the toggles and buttons on the D60 are easily accessible, so you’re not fiddling with it while shooting. With a 2.5″ LCD you can preview your images very easily, not to mention you’re able to zoom into your images for a more closer look. The D60 powers on/off within a second or two, and also has a split second shutter response time. One other aspect of the camera I loved is that it has a multitude of image adjustment options ranging from Vivid to black and white, plus many more.

The D60 has dropped in price since the time when I purchased it, so I would recommend it even more so now. If you’re a professional, this would make for a fantastic back up camera, but for the leasure photographer that wants the customizability of a DSLR, the D60 is perfect.

Keep an eye out for my review on the  Nikkor 52mm f1.8 Series E lens.