Firstly, in case you’re unaware, HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. This is a common technique used by photographers to manipulate a scene to create proper exposure when otherwise impossible through post-processing.

A perfect example for this is capturing a landscape with a clear and bright sky. What will happen is the sky will be over-exposed, or the landscape will be under-exposed. This is where HDR comes in. The idea is simple, however the process can be quite time consuming. What has to happen is instead of taking one capture, you would need to ideally take at least 3. One for the highs, one for the lows, and one with proper exposure. The most common method is to simply set your camera to bracketing mode with a 2EV difference in exposures. In most scenarios this will enable you to capture all ranges of detail.

I’ll explain how this is done in Photoshop, since its the most commonly used application. Once you’ve got your captures:

  1. Open them with the RAW editor, SELECT ALL, and click OPEN IMAGE(S)
  3. Click on ADD OPEN FILES and hit OK
  4. Now you should see a preview of your HDR image.
  5. You will want to change the BIT DEPTH to 16-Bit, and also adjust your white point if you need to on the histogram
  6. Click OK to convert
  7. In the new window, if you want to adjust the TONING CURVE AND HISTOGRAM, change the method to LOCAL ADAPTATION
  8. Adjust the THRESHOLD to how you see fit and then hit OK
  9. You’ve now successfully created an HDR image! From here you can go ahead and do other modifications to the image if you feel the need.

This was the perfect situation for using HDR, since photographing a dark subject will normally cause everything else to become over-exposed.


What is thought to be the succesor of the famouse F430 was spotted in Germany sporting a variety of aesthetic changes. Reports indicate that the new model will be equiped with a larger 4.5L V8 motor, hence ‘F450’. From the spy shots it was seen that the F450 has a longer wheel base, central exhaust outlet, as well as larger air inlets at either side of the machine.

Notice the more integrated diffuser and centered exhaust outlet.

Note the more integrated diffuser and centered exhaust outlet.

It is expected to boast a between a 550hp and 585hp powerplant, more than ample 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and very possibly some sort of brake energy recovery system. The F450 will has also been engineered with a wider track, for both the front and rear end of the car, plus the addition of two more intake behind the rear windshield. On a side nore, Ferrari has mentioned that they are looking for other avenues of of developement, includeing hybrid and turbo charging technologies, as well as lighter methods of construction and improvements in aerodynamics.

The concept is scheduled for debut in 2010, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.