GoPro Camera: First glance

September 17, 2010

Two posts ago I was raving about the GoPro compact video camera.. and well, I finally got my hands on one! I hav’nt had a chance to actually use it for any projects but did take some test captures. Its main use is its HD video, but it can also function as a camera as well. The captures it puts out are very impressive for a gadget this size.

A friend of mine tinkering with the GoPro. Notice the extremely wide field of view!

The tiny and functional GoPro in its water-tight casing.

Once I figure out how to properly use Sony Vegas (Video editing software) I’ll post up a nice HD video as well.


I can’t really say this is a review, hopefully soon I will be able to, since I’m that close to purchasing one of these.

So much awesome, in such a small package.

The GoPro Camera - So much awesome, in such a small package.

A friend introduced me to this thing, and after seeing the footage it captures, I was sold. Not only does it take photo and video, but it also has the capability to mount on almost anyone, or any surface, which makes it ideal for all types of activities. If you’re not already sold, let me do a quick run through of the features:

  • It’s shockproof
  • Waterproof
  • 1080, 960, or 720 p
  • Full 30 – 60 frames per second
  • Its smaller, and lighter than most wallets
  • Mounts on almost anything

The only downfall is that there is no viewfinder, or LCD to preview what you’re shooting, however it does have a more than ample 180 degree viewing range, which really voids the fact that there is no view finder/LCD. You’re able to either purchase the camera by itself, or you can also get it with various mounts, either way you will be spending less than $300.00 for a super versatile gadget that will let you capture anything really.

If you search youtube and type in ‘ gopro ‘ you’ll have plenty of results to see what it can do.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Creative Cow and Video Copilot are perhaps the gold mine when it comes to video editing tips and tricks, editing suite packages and plugins. Eight year old Creative Cow is a progressive new media haven, with roots digging as far back as 1995, when a couple embarks on the creation of the WWUG (Worldwide Users Group) website. Video Copilot “guy” Andrew Kramer spends his whitty humour and desires for sweet n’ sour pork throughout unbeatable video tutorials showing you exactly where and what to do in order to “amplify” your motion graphics and visual effects skills. Adobe After Effects is a sophisticated program and following through a manual doesn’t exactly allow you to jump in, but using the video tutorials found on these websites gives you the opportunity to work along side the pro, and learn the craft all the while – almost like virtual apprenticeship. You have the chance to learn simple transition effects, or compositing, keying techniques – and these guys aren’t running out of things to show you.

Video and Multimedia Discussion and Creation

Video and Multimedia Discussion and Creation